Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM)

The TUNNEL BORING MACHINE (TBH) as the name suggests is used for digging tunnel under the ground We can provide five different types of TBM as described below:

Earth Pressure TBM(EPB)
The EPB technology is suited for digging tunnels in unstable ground such as clay,silt,sand and gravel

Slurry TBM
The slurry TBM is used for tunnel-boring in highly permeable unstable terrain,or under civilian structures sensitive to ground disturbances.

Opening TBM
This type of boring machine is suitable for driving in stable rock and is used for the excavation of traffic tunnels(road and rail),supply tunnels(water,gas and electricity),pressure water utility tunnels for hydroelectric plants,tunnels for cable cars high in the mountains,tunnels for geological investigations and other special applications.

Single-Shield TBM
The machine is a so-called single shield machine,the function of which is only boring and installation of the tunnel lining in consecutive steps,i.e.,one at a time.

Double-Shield TBM
This machine type consists of a shield construction in two parts, in which the two shield sections are connected together by hydraulic cylinders. The rear shield section is fitted with a gripper construction, by means of which this shield can be braced against the bored tunnel wall.

Tunnel Boring Machine

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