Bulk Material Handling Machinery

Bulk material handling is used for the handling of dry materials such as ores, coal, sand, gravel and stone in loose bulk form. It can also relate to the handling of mixed wastes. The purpose of a bulk material handling facility may be to transport material from one of several locations (i.e. a source) to an ultimate destination or to process material such as ore in concentrating and smelting or handling materials for manufacturing.

  1. Belt conveyor
  2. Stacker & Reclaimers
  3. Circular yard stacker-reclaimer
  4. Blending reclaimer
  5. Gantry type stacker-reclaimer
  6. Scraper type blending reclaimer
  7. Apron feeder and others
  8. Pneumatic Conveyor System
  9. Bulk Loading & Unloading System
  10. Pipe Conveyor
  11. Ship loader & unloader
  12. C shape & O shape car dumper
  13. Single, Double & Triple wagon Tippler
Belt conveyor Belt conveyor
Stacker & Reclaimer Stacker & Reclaimer
Pipe Conveyor Pipe Conveyor
Apro Feeder Apro Feeder
Bulk Unloading System Bulk Unloading System
Ship Loader & Unloader Ship Loader & Unloader
C shape & O shape car dumper C shape & O shape car dumper
Wagon Trippler Wagon Trippler

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