FRP Tank & Pipes

We offer Vertical as well as Horizontal FRP Tanks that are manufactured using graded SMC (sheet mold compound). The tanks are manufactured using the hot pressed metal matched mold method.

The process used for manufacturing makes the tanks strong in construction with minimum maintenance. These tanks are good for storing clean drinking water, industrial water and rain water.The FRP tanks are good to be used in place of PVC, concrete or steel water tanks.


  1. Can easily be extended at any time as storage requirement increases.
  2. Can be relocated easily from one location to another several times.
  3. Accessible from all sides including bottom for easy visual inspection.
  4. There are many different FRP panel designs; units of any capacity from 1 to 10,000m³ or over may be constructed
  5. Light proof to prevent algae growth. Light transmittance for panels including manhole cover is 0.00%.
  6. Exclusive design of convex bottom panels with flexible rubber sealant is most effective against risk of leakage.
  7. Smooth mirror surface of the panel prevent dirt adhesion and bacterial growth.
  8. The hot pressing method for panels eliminates styrene and makes it an ideal product for storing drinking water

FRP Inustrial Tank
FRP Inustrial Tank

FRP storage Tank
FRP storage Tank

Types Of FRP Pipes

  1. FRP Winding Pipe
    The FRP winding pipes are good towards the heat and electricity insulation. The density of FRP tube material is 1.8-2.1 g/cm3 and it is about 25% of steel. The tube is characterized with anti-eroding property with high density, no impurity peel off and no shed auterization. The FRP material of pipe will not add any polluted element in the flowing material.
  2. Fiber wind FRP craft tube
    Fiber wind FRP pipe is the main product which develops the market successfully; it is mainly used in the petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, medicine area and so on. It has the advantage of light weight high intensity and strong inoxidizability. The installation is very convenient.
  3. The fiber wind FRP nip pipe
    The fiber wind FRP nip pipe is reliable, secured and economical, mainly used in buring the tube and long transport pipeline. lt has the advantage of light weight, corrosion resistance, long life service. The circulating and the service cost are low and thereby make the project economical.It has good hydraulic characteristics. This characteristic is outstanding in giving the draining water area. It can save the expense of the pump transport of the pipenet. For the same caliber pipe network, the FRP can save 30-40% expense of the pump transport. Use of FRP nip pipe the caliber can be reduced by 10-25% so it can save the investment expenses, shorten the pump transport time, especially using for the convergence water using or the intermittent water used situation, It can save l/3 pump transport time and the expense.
  4. Fiber wind FRP heat preservation tube
    The fiber wind FRP heat preservation tube consists of an inner delivery pipe and outer protect layer with one kind of new compound heat preservation tube that gathers ammonia fat bubble material to be the middle protective layer.


  1. The light weight, convenient transportation, installation, maintenance and does not use the heavy hoisting equipment.
  2. The FRP heat preservation tube can be widely use in the hot spring, the water oil field, geothermic fluid transportation, the city and the factory centralism heating system.

High strength Fibre Pipe
High strength Fibre Pipe

FRP Pipes
FRP Pipes

Sheet Mould Compound Auto Parts Products

The automobile parts for various models are also available with us in customized specifications as per the data provided by clients.

These automobile parts includes:

  1. Side guard plate
  2. Air guide sleeve
  3. Cylinder cover
  4. Wheel fender
  5. Mask
  6. Pedal plate

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