Welcome to Metallon International (Tianjin) Co. Ltd “Innovate to Excel”

Metallon International (Tianjin) Co. Ltd is a global organization having exposure and experience of decades doing business across the globe.

The Organisation believe in exploring opportunity. Project Coordination, Manufacturing, and Industrial Sourcing Services are the key areas of expertise.

The passion and committed attitude to continue progressive and sustainable business practices, the approach of resolving intricacies and the effort to work on risk management and evolve, have equipped them to develop safe, practical and economic business models for all customers.

The experience is wide and it includes in Oil and Gas Processing Industry, Steel & Alloy Industries Ceramic & Cement Industries, Power Plants and many more...


  1. Bulk Material Handling Machinery
  2. Mining
  3. Construction Machinery & Equipment
  4. Sewage & Water Treatment
  5. Metallurgy
  6. Power Plant
  7. Chemical Plant
  8. Industrial Machine
  9. Extraction Equipment


Projects & Plants

Metallon International (Tianjin) Co. Ltd. deals in PROJECTS / PLANTS’ transfer from P.R. China, better known not only for world class technology but also value for money.

The two core areas the Organisation works on are

  1. Iron Making Projects
  2. Steel Making Projects

Consultancy Services

Metallon International (Tianjin) Co. Ltd. offers various consultancy services to its clients that could be availed as a package or on an individual basis.

Metallon International (Tianjin) Co. Ltd. studies the business prospects of the project on behalf of its clients and administers technical evaluation to evaluate and  calculate the capital and operating cost required in the project.

The services include aspects like

  1. Engineering design
  2. due diligence
  3. feasibility study
  4. Facilities planning
  5. Site Selection,
  6. Relocation of plant and equipment
  7. Basic engineering and equipment specifications
  8. Assistance during manufacturing and erection with process.
  9. Advice during Supervision and performance testing.

Led by a team of top-notch professionals from various management fields, Metallon International (Tianjin) Co. Ltd. also provides management consultancy

  1. The services are provided in the following areas:
  2. Marketing Strategy
  3. Branding
  4. HR & Organizational Behavior
  5. Communication
  6. E-strategy
  7. Knowledge Process Outsourcing (K.P.O)

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