Chemical Project

Some of the areas we work in Chemical plant are: Fertilizer Plant, Paper Plant, Laboratory, Solvent Extraction and Recovery Distillation Project.

Fertilizer Plant

We offer complete range of equipment and solution in three categories of Fertilizer manufacturing process viz:

  1. Inorganic - fertilizers using inorganic raw materials such as ammonia, potash. phosphate, sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid
  2. Organic - fertilizer from bio waste
  3. Fertilizer from Waste – fertilizer from by-product generated by industrial processes

Agglomeration Equipment

  1. Turner for organic fertilizer
  2. Fertilizer Plant Girth Gear and Tyre
  3. Pug Mill, Hammer Mill
  4. Mixer
  5. Fertilizer Granulation equipment
  6. Fertilizer Pellet machine
  7. Fertilizer Blender
  8. Animal Manure Organic Fertilizer equipment

Thermal Processing Equipment

  1. Rotary Dryer
  2. Rotary Cooler

Agglomeration Equipment

Fertilizer Plant

Fertilizer Plant

Paper Mill Paper Mill

  1. Paper Mill Project
  2. Mini paper Plant
  3. Paper Waste Recycling Plant


We supply complete range of laboratory equipment and tools in the field of medical, chemical, bio-technology, high tech robotics, organic chemistry, forensic investigation. We engage in supplying lab equipment for high school, college, university and hospital.

Solvent Extraction and Recovery Distillation Process & bio-technology

MHL has tie-up with National Technology R&D houses in China who are engaged in project for improving solvent product, future oil supplies by production of bio-fuel at a large scale.

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