Dear Patrons and Stakeholders,

The distinctive presence of Metallon Group in China for over a decade has strengthened our schema to provide optimal solution to our clients for their requirements from China, not only to China, India or USA, but also across countries like Canada, Thailand, Oman, Nigeria, South Africa, etc. through its smart and swift cutting-edge services.

We deal with triple deck standards because of our advantage of being located at America, India and China. As we have presence in all these Countries, our approachability on various issues makes us work with a balanced yet holistic focus to solve all hindrances faced by our clients in the process. We have been very successful in benchmarking MHL against its competitors through our quality controlled & time bound performance. We take pride in association with our customers as their “CHINA ARM” as our service is not narrowed to a few products but amongst the bouquets of products.

Change is an inevitable truth of Life & we believe in change for better. It is the change which we can see in our flexibility of operation and that enables us to continuously research & investigate to develop new items and explore innovative opportunities. As a result, being a progressive Organisation, we are always on an outlook for some niche product for which we have both manufacturing facility as well as conversion facility both in India or China.

MHL biggest strength lies in its integrity, ethical values and unique team coherence. We believe in best quality, on time delivery and senitise utmost satisfaction of our customer at optimum economy.

At Metallon the combined force of youth energy and experiential knowledge is so strong that we vision to steer the future of the Organization to a mega success. I visualize MHL as the leading star by 2020 & a fortune 500 company by 2030. We have fixed our Olympiad goal of Metallon to move Metallon from Million to Billion. Taking it as a building block, we will for sure, overcome all the hurdles and climb to the peak of fortune 500 enterprise by 2030.

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